Golfing inside out

by Bob Swinnerton


For over twenty-five years I have been engaged in the process of teaching, coaching and training people of all ages and ability to play the game of golf at a higher level. My students have ranged from the beginner and high handicapper, all the way to the touring professional.

During this time I have observed some common tendencies and similar reactions that prevent a player from moving through the different levels of the game. I have found how the result of these tendencies and reactions often cause a player to interfere with the natural flow of the swing and then feel the need to apply too much force to hit the ball.

It will be through Golfing Inside Out that you will eventually discover how to be more consistent in creating the natural flowing motion of your swing. You will eventually learn to use the golf club the way it was designed, hitting your drives longer off the tee and the irons more consistently into the greens.

The idea of writing a book about golf was presented to me many years ago as it was thought that I had some unique ideas and experiences that would translate naturally into a book. Turning ideas and images into words on a page was quite natural for me, but only in the form of one page tips for newspapers and magazines. The experience of writing an entire book would require a lot more time and energy, and need to be organized in away that allowed the reader to become more clear on the work that needed to be done to take their game to the next level.

Once I made the choice about what to write, I had to ask myself how I wanted to organize the book? I also wondered how I could do it in a way that truly represented the way I approach teaching the game? The challenge would be condensing what can take weeks, months and years into a couple hundred pages that you could read in a few hours.

I made the choice to begin the book with a story of someone new coming to the game and the challenges they will experience. I have learned that beginners can be some of our best teachers. They are able to reveal in a dramatic way how a perception—the way you see something— will manifest itself in to a physical action. The grip and posture that makes sense to the beginner will reveal the desire to lift the club off the ground and attempt to force it back to the ball. They have not yet learned to swing the club and create a grip and posture that will support this swing.

The next part of the book goes deeper into the process of learning the game, from the physical motion of the swing to the way you will use your mind to prepare and evaluate this swing. Through developing a deeper understanding of this process, you will begin to discover how the game is much more than swinging a golf club and hitting a ball. You will learn how playing golf can be something that will deepen your sense of connection to your thoughts, feelings and the world around you. 

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