Taking your game to the next level

putting  30 - 45 min of practice

circle drill - place four golf balls approx. four feet in a circle around a hole, move circle out to eight feet repeat drill. do this routing three times,

line drill - place four balls in a line, three feet apart, do this drill from four different position which will allow you to vary the speed and slope of the putt.

performance drill - take four balls and hit each ball to a different hole from the same position, this will require you to read the putt and make a choice about line, speed and stroke, this practice will require your instinct, intuition and experience to be successful.

Chipping 30 - 60 min of practice

your chipping practice will tend to be the most creative because of the variation of the slope, lie and targets that you can choose. In your chipping practice you will duplicate the putting practice with the line drill ( begin four feet off of the green ) and performance drill.  Through these drills you will begin to vary your choice of flight and play either a standard shot, high lofted  shot or a low lofted runner. practice this routine twice

standard - performed with a middle ball position

runner - performed from a back ball position

flop - performed with an up ball position

driving range

warm up, wedge 10 balls, seven iron 10 balls, driver 10 balls

distance control - vary your range of motion in your swing with a backswing length of waist, chest, shoulder height and vary the speed of motion with three distinct levels of energy, i refer to this as first, second and third gear.  You can also achieve variation through playing with griping up and down on the club, once you have made a choice then select a specific target, you will play at least 5 balls with each variation, and with two different clubs.

total balls 60

flight control - ball position and posture will be varied to influence trajectory of the flight of the golf ball, choose two different clubs, one short and one long, practice three set-up positions,  a low, med and high ball flight is the goal, 5 balls each positions.

total balls  30

spin control - learn to control spin, both side and back spin, vary club face angle, adding loft with flange, de-lofting with lead edge.  side spin with open and closed face angle.  practice with at least two different clubs, five balls with each variation.

total balls 40